As we move into Winter Break...
Make sure that you continue to work on Science Fair.  When we return, we will complete the final EDD for your board.  Less than a week back, the following will be due:
Log Book
Over break, you should finish your experiment and be almost completely finished with the components above by the time we return.  See the research plan in the important handouts section if you get stuck. 

Your final project, board, log book and research plan, will be due Friday, January 15.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  if it is finished early, bring it when you're ready.

If you have questions over break, feel free to e-mail me.

Blood Moon!

Because of the clouds and our location we may be shielded from the Blood Moon tonight.  Just in case, here is a link to a WDBJ7 live feed showing the full event.  I encourage you to watch, this is a major event.

Science Fair Update
Check Parent Portal, some of you still owe me your parent letter signed.  Also, there was a typo in the letter I sent home, Science Fair is on January 19 this year, not January 15.

Week of September 28-October 2

Science Fair topics are due on Wednesday of this week.  These topics should be either hand written or typed and printed out.  You may hand them in early if you are finished.  As we've discussed in class, the format of each topic should be as though that was the title of your project:
The Effect of (Independent Variable) on (Dependent Variable)

I should not see any paragraphs explaining your topics, the title will speak for itself.  Your first choice of topics should be listed as number 1, your second choice as number 2 and so on.

Your test grade from Friday's test are up on Parent Portal, those of you that still need to finish come back on Monday ready to do so.  

For those of you who are not happy with your grade or who feel like you can do better, you will have the option to retest on Tuesday of this week.  Your old test grade and your new test grade will be averaged.

This week we will be writing opinion pieces on the causes of Climate Change.  A final draft of an article will be due to me by the end of class Friday.  If you need more time to complete the final draft, you may take it home over the weekend to complete.  
Week of September 21-September 25

Check the Calendar.  This week we have 2 big events.  We will begin Science Fair on Monday and students will have a booklet and timeline of due dates to take home and get signed.  The first due date is September 30, please check the calendar for details. 

In addition, there will be a test on Friday of this week, please make sure that you bring your laptop and that it is charged and ready to go.  The topics on this test will be:

Atmospheric Evolution
Heating and Warming of Earth

This week we will focus on analyzing and interpreting a statement on Climate Change from the EPA.  There will be a FRAME review on Thursday for the Exam on Friday.