First Week + Big Announcement! 
What a wonderful two weeks we have had here at Jackson!

Our 7th and 8th Grade Musicians have been working hard each day on the following:
*Two-octave scales (D Major, G Major, and C Major)
*Sonatine for Strings
*Night Shift (8th Grade Only)

In the upcoming days, we will add more pieces and work hard to perfect them before our first fall concert.

6th Grade students have done an AMAZING JOB. All of our new musicians have:
*Chosen instruments
*Learned line and space notes
*Learned (and performed) rhythms that include quarter notes, half notes, triplets, sixteenth notes, and whole notes. (You should hear them! They are SO good!)
*Learned correct posture and hand positions
*D + A strings and the notes on them! :)


Please visit this link for more information:

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